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Introducing K Connect

K Connect is a new program geared toward children who might not be ready for kindergarten due to their age or social/emotional development. Our K Connect class offers an alternative that will help ensure a smoother transition from preschool to kindergarten. We balance exciting learning opportunities and social-emotional, play-based activities that will allow our students to become better adjusted to what is ahead for them in a more structured setting. Our class will be taught by a seasoned educator with kindergarten classroom experience as well as experience with this same age group. We encourage you to call to schedule a tour as this program will fill up quickly.

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Frog Street Press

Frog Street Pre-K is a comprehensive program that integrates instruction across developmental domains and early learning disciplines in English and/or Spanish. The program is engaging for both teachers and children, and is easy to implement. The cornerstones of the program are:

  • An extensive integration of theme, disciplines, and domains
  • Special attention to social-emotional development
  • Many levels and support of differentiated instruction
  • Alignment with scientifically-based research
  • Careful attention to sequence of instruction
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Influence the faith and future of preschool kids.

As a parent, you want your preschoolers to grow up making wiser choices, building stronger relationships, and developing a deeper faith. Our  preschool curriculum provided by Orange combines child development and theology to create a comprehensive curriculum and strategy.

Our Partnerships / Certifications

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Balances intentional instruction and child-centered learning.

Provides comprehensive, integrated instruction in all domains.

Offers a strong daily routine that develops key social skills and emotional control.

Values individual differences.

Empowers children with choices in self-directed activities.

Honors the power of a strong teacher-child interaction to develop rich oral language and a robust vocabulary.

Provides a systematic and sequential continuum for building skills and concepts.

Uses research-based principles of learning as the cornerstone of instruction.