Connection Point
Early Learning Center

A Christian preschool located in Fort Myers, Florida
dedicated to Developing World Changers.

We Develop World Changers Through Relevant Experiences

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About Us

Connection Point Early Learning Center is a Christian preschool located in Fort Myers, Florida dedicated to Developing World Changers. We are motivated by our mission of creating relevant experiences that equip children and families to achieve their full potential socially, spiritually, and educationally. We believe that proactive, developmentally-appropriate teaching styles combined with supportive church community interaction will help to develop bright, well-rounded children.

Our Curriculum

Our comprehensive program focuses on child-centered learning, values individual differences, and offers a strong daily routine that builds social and emotional development.

Why Parents Love Us

“We knew Connection Point was the perfect home away from home for our baby girl the moment we first toured the school. It is such a warm, fun, energetic, nurturing, and inclusive environment. The safety and security we feel is immeasurable. There is something truly magical about this school! It’s so great knowing our daughter is not only being tremendously cared for while away from us, she is also happy and THRIVING!”

Erik and Leigh Halgrim

“We were nervous about transitioning our children to a new preschool, but we were immediately blown away by the warmth and knowledge from both the teachers and administration. Over our 3 years at Connection Point, our children have experienced every “grade level” from the 1’s through VPK. Not only has Connection Point taught our children to master basic academic skills, they have also encouraged them to come out of their shells socially and verbally by independent play time, new hands on classroom activities weekly, and ensuring they have enough outdoor time. We can’t say enough wonderful things about all the teachers and staff we have had over the years. Every year we didn’t think we could have a better experience, and every year was surpassed by the next!”

Lauren Pritchett

“We are so thankful that we are able to send our child to this amazing pre-school. As an educator and parent knowing that our child is at a school that is incorporating an academic curriculum, play based learning, and partnering with us to develop their character and foster a love for Jesus is such a gift. We look forward to the years we have here and seeing our child grow!”

Jenny and Kyle DeCicco

“We LOVE Connection Point! My son started when he was 3 years old and is finishing his final year in VPK and we could not be happier with this school! He has loved every teacher, each year. They are the best teachers, and our son has grown so much! We look forward to our daughter starting next year. The staff is all very friendly, and it feels really wonderful knowing my kids are in great hands with teachers and staff who care and love what they do!  We couldn’t have asked for a better start to our kids’ education journey!”

Kristen Leone


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