10 Halloween Costume Ideas for Your Preschooler

It’s that time of year again, and we’re all scrambling to figure out what Halloween costume our kids will wear. Never fear! We’re here to help. Here are 10 Halloween costume ideas for your preschooler:

1. Superhero 

Trendy, fun, and great for both boys and girls, you can’t go wrong with a superhero costume! They’re lining the shelves of every major store, so it won’t be hard to find one. You could also get creative at home and create one with your preschooler. Use a sheet as a cape and fly into your trick or treating fun!

2. Teacher

This idea can make for a great at-home DIY project! Grab an old pair of glasses or pop out the lenses of some sunglasses. Tuck a pencil behind their ear and let them carry around an apple. There you go! The cutest and easiest teacher Halloween costume.

3. Farmer

Almost every preschooler has an adorable pair of overalls in their closet. Grab those, a plaid button-up shirt, and a straw hat. There’s nothing better than an easy costume and a cute little farmer. It’ll be a hit during your Halloween festivities!

4. Doctor

There’s always at least one or two kiddos that dream of being a doctor when they grow up. Why not turn that dream into their next Halloween costume? Check out this one from Target for just $15!

5. Dynamic Duos

Elsa and Anna, Mickey and Minnie, or even Chase and Marshall from Paw Patrol to name a few. Super fun dynamic duos would be perfect for any set of siblings! They will love getting to dress up together, and as a parent, you’ll never forget how cute they were.

6. Athlete

Football players, soccer players, race car drivers, or even a gymnast can make for a classic and adorable Halloween costume. Your preschooler will love pretending to be their favorite athletes while going trick or treating!

7. Dog or Cat

A dog or cat costume is simple yet classic! It’s another one that can easily be put together at home. Make some fun ears out of a headband, tape, and construction paper, and draw a nose and some whiskers. Your little ones will be barking or meowing all Halloween long!

8. Disney Character

There’s nothing better than dressing up as your favorite Disney character! The best part is, there are tons of options. You’ll be able to find great costume options at any store or come up with something on your own. Either way, this one is a great and memorable idea!

9. Storybook Character

Another great idea would be to dress your child as their favorite storybook character. They’ll love getting the chance to bring the characters they read about to life. It’s also a great way to expand their love for reading!

10. Rockstar

All you’ll need for this one is some fun hair, a toy guitar, and some super cool shades. You’ll have the cutest rockstar in the whole neighborhood. They’ll be the star of the show!

We cannot wait to see and hear about all of the sweet Halloween costumes you and your kids come up with. At Connection Point, we love getting to partner with parents and families. Check out our website for more blogs like this one!

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