5 Fun and Educational Things to do with Your Preschooler this Summer

Summertime is upon us and we’re all scrambling to find fun, safe, and educational activities to keep our preschoolers busy. It can be difficult to find a healthy balance between activities that are fun but also provide some sort of educational value while they’re home for the summer. The good news is, there are plenty of options! Here are 5 fun and educational things to do with your preschooler this summer.

1. Make a DIY Bird Feeder

This one is a classic but so much fun to do with your little one! Not only will they get to use their creative skills to design and create the bird feeder but they can also learn about different birds. You can use creating the bird feeder as a great opportunity to teach them the names of birds and even get more in-depth by talking about their colors and sizes. Your preschooler will have so much fun watching birds come to eat at the bird feeder they created!

2. Go on a Summer Nature Walk

To continue on the theme of nature and wildlife, another great summer activity to do with your child is to go on a nature walk! You could find a nature park in town or just take a stroll around the neighborhood. Either way, you’re bound to make some cool discoveries! Make it even more fun by creating a specific list of things for your preschooler to find. Birds, trees, squirrels, or anything else you know they might be able to spot on your walk are perfect for the list!

3. Visit your Local Library

There’s no better time to visit the library than when your little ones are home from school! Picking out new books allows them to get excited about reading while also improving their skills. Your kids will be thrilled at the idea of being able to choose from thousands of books that they’ve never read before! It will keep reading fun and exciting for them. A bonus is that the library is an indoor activity that will give you a much-needed break from the summer heat!

4. Play a Summer Sport

It’s true when they say that an active body leads to an active mind! The summer season is a great time to start playing a new sport with your child. Hit and throw baseballs in the yard, kick around the soccer ball, shoot basketball hoops at your local court, or toss around a football as a family! There are so many different sports to keep your child active and engaged. Plus, they’ll love being able to play with you!

5. Have Fun and Rest!

Above all else, summer break is a time for you and your preschooler to rest together. Go to the beach, swim in the pool, or even go on a family vacation! Take the time to slow down as a family and truly enjoy each other’s company. Of course, implementing educational things during the summer is important for when they come back to school but, resting and spending time as a family is just as important!

With summer just around the corner, these 5 things are bound to keep your child engaged educationally while also allowing them to have fun. At Connection Point Early Learning Center, it is so important to us that education and fun go hand in hand. We love getting the opportunity to help our families implement that in their homes, as well. We miss our students during the summer months but we love knowing that they are getting to spend quality time learning and playing with their families!