6 Parenting Tech Gadgets That Make Raising a Toddler Easier

Today’s world is fascinated with technology and all that it offers. Why should that be any different as a parent? Technology has the power to improve our lives as parents. There are hundreds of state-of-the-art parenting tech gadgets and apps that make raising a toddler a little easier. Of course, we don’t expect you to try them all, but here is a list of some of the most helpful gadgets for parents of toddlers.

1. No-Touch Thermometers

Taking a toddler’s temperature is a battle parents have been fighting for years. No matter how you choose to take your child’s temperature, they fight it. The last thing a sick toddler wants in their mouth (or anywhere else) is a cold thermometer. So, finally, the tech world has found a solution. The no-touch thermometer allows you to scan your baby’s skin and read their temperature without any hassle. The best part is that you can do it while they’re sleeping without waking them up.

2. Self-Moving Rockers

Self-moving rockers are ideal for any parent who has driven around the block to get their child to sleep. Some habits don’t change easily, and that’s why these parenting tech gadgets exist. There are many varieties of this particular product, but one of the top-rated is the MamaRoo Swing. These handy helpers can grow with your child, from infancy to the toddler phase. It has multiple settings designed to soothe children, including a “car ride” setting.

3. High-Tech Video Monitors

Live video monitors are nothing new, but technology has transformed the traditional baby monitor into a whole new system. Nowadays, a baby monitor provides you with a live, high definition feed, sound, and more. Some monitors even come with attachments that can monitor your child’s heart rate and breathing. The point is, moving your youngster into the nursery is no longer as scary as it used to be. You can now sleep soundly knowing your little munchkin is sleeping just as good.

4. Educational Apps

Everyone has a smartphone, so why not take advantage of it? “There’s an app for everything” is no understatement. There are countless apps to assist parents in every way you could imagine, from tracking to teaching. There’s no better way to kick off your toddlers early learning than with a few free educational applications. Try out different apps to see which ones your toddler responds to best. From puzzle apps to free flashcards, you’re sure to find some options to make your road to raising a toddler a little less bumpy.

5. The Pocket Nanny

Being a parent is never simple, especially if you have multiple children.  That’s why the Pocket Nanny was created. From all of the chaos and lack of sleep, it’s easy for your schedule to get off track. The Pocket Nanny allows you to keep track of diaper changes, nap times, meals, and more. It’s your secret weapon. We know that parents are heroes in disguise, but every good superhero has their trusty sidekick. The Pocket Nanny can be yours.

6. Vibrating Mattress Pads

Parents have discovered that light vibration or movement can lull a child right to sleep. This is true even in our adult lives, as many people sleep with a fan or noise machine. Finally, someone created something to mimic this. A small vibrating pad can help your child sleep through the night. Sounds great, right? Best of all, the options on the market today are affordable.

When people think of technology and parenting, they often think of the negative effects and how screens can steal attention from your children. But, believe it or not, much of the tech world is rooting for us as parents. After all, we are raising the future of humanity! Raising a toddler doesn’t have to be the hardest thing you’ve ever done. We aren’t saying that these inventions will solve all of your parenting problems, but maybe they can make raising a toddler a little easier. Technology has helped us all in so many other situations. Why not let it make life a little less stressful with these parenting tech gadgets?

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