6 Ways to Get Your Child Excited About Learning

Learning isn’t always the most interesting or exciting activity for a child and it can be hard to get them motivated about their own education. Every child is different, but it’s completely normal (and typical!) for a child to be disinterested. As a parent, there are plenty of ways to foster and encourage a love of learning. Here are 6 ways to get your child excited about learning.

1. Read Everyday

Consistency is key. Pick out a book with your child that they really want to read. Maybe there’s even a movie that they love that’s based on a book. Start small and work up to even bigger books that challenge them. A series is very beneficial because the child will become attached to the characters and build with them and the story.

2. Manage Rewards

It may seem simple, but it really works. Don’t look at this like bribery, but instead like when someone gets a trophy or an A+. It doesn’t have to be physical (it could be a 15-minute dance break after completing a lesson). It’s also important to have a range of rewards, from small things like a break to a new toy when they learn the alphabet or finish a big book.

3. Set Goals

This can directly align with rewarding. Try having your child sit down and plan out goals throughout the week and up to a month. When they meet these goals, big or small, reward them in some way. Try using a system such as a gold star and, once they get ten gold stars, they get a reward such as their favorite candy or a trip to the movies.

4. Incorporate Music and Games

There are thousands of learning strategies and programs that include music and fun games or activities. Educational songs that rhyme and teach lessons are great, especially for car trips. Music and games are a great way to keep a child engaged and focused while still promoting the idea that learning can be fun.

5. Explain Why It’s Important

Just like students of all ages, a person wants to know why the things they are learning matter. Explain why the lesson is important, give some background, and show them how they will use it. Don’t just tell them they will need it when they grow up – show them how it is relevant to their lives now.

6. Compliment and Praise

Think about when someone gives you a compliment. It can make your whole day! And a little can go a long way. Simple praise, high fives, and “good jobs” will make a major difference in your child’s confidence. It’s imperative to begin supporting a child from an early age, so be sure to show and tell them how proud you are.

These are just six easy ways to get a child involved and excited to learn. Experiment with these and others to find what works best for you and your child. Use these ideas and personalize them to fit your goals and plans. Developing an eager desire to learn is important at an early age and something your child will carry with them through their adult lives.

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