Back to School Preparation

We can all agree that this summer was the fastest of them all! The school year is just around the corner, and it’s time to start getting your child ready. During the summertime, it’s common for routines to come unraveled; which is understandable. However, it’s important that leading up to sending your child to school, you start to prepare them for getting back into a routine. Here are a few tips and tricks for getting them ready to go back to school:

Establish a Bedtime

It’s normal to allow your children to go to bed later than usual during the summer. In the weeks leading up to going back to school, reestablishing a set bedtime is a great idea. This way, your child’s body starts to adapt to their new sleep schedule. It can take a few days for them to adjust. There may be a few nights they struggle with falling asleep but, it will get easier with time!

Work on Fine Motor Skills

Another way to prepare your child for the new school year is through working on their fine motor skills. This way, they feel confident walking into a classroom on their first day. A great place to start is using a pencil, cutting with scissors, and tying their shoelaces. These skills are so important to your child’s development. Practicing them ahead of time will be helpful for your child’s progression in the new school year.

Establish a Morning Routine

Mornings can be hectic, especially when trying to get your child to school on time. A great way to help ease the chaos is to start practicing your morning routine a few days early. Establish a wake-up time and getting your child into the flow of what school mornings will look like. If they are able, give your child a few responsibilities like brushing their teeth and getting themselves dressed. This will help them feel empowered in their morning routine! 
Here at Connection Point Early Learning Center, we are so excited to have your children back in school! We look forward to seeing their sweet faces and exploring a new year of learning with them. For any questions you may have about this upcoming school year, feel free to reach out to us at or visit our website.