Favorite Fall Activities To Do As A Family

Fall is such a magical time of year, isn’t it? The weather gets a little cooler, everything is pumpkin-flavored (or scented), and it also signals the start of the holiday season. After the year we’ve all had, we could use some holiday cheer!

That’s why this month we want to focus on fun, fall activities you can do together as a family. Fall isn’t just a great time for pumpkin spice lattes and fuzzy sweaters, it’s also the time to make memories with the ones you love. 

So here are a few ideas for fall activities to do as a family:

Decorate Pumpkins

This may seem like an obvious one but we had to include it, right?! Decorating pumpkins is a must! There are so many fun ways to decorate a pumpkin. You can paint them or hollow them out and carve a scary face for a traditional jack o’ lantern. They even sell kits to decorate pumpkins with googly eyes and stickers. It’s good to consider the ages of your children and choose a form of decorating that matches their skill levels. The sticker kits are perfect for preschoolers. And mess-free! It’s a win-win. 

Bake Cookies

Holidays are all about the sweet treats. What better way to make memories together than baking cookies? Try finding a new recipe and try it out together. It doesn’t have to be cookies either. It could be any recipe. The point is to get everyone involved and assign everyone a task. We guarantee you’ll have some very eager taste-testers at the ready!

Visit a Pumpkin Patch

A trip to the pumpkin patch is also a great idea for a family outing. Every pumpkin patch is unique, but many have an array of fun activities. Anything from haunted hayrides and face-painting, to bounce houses and pumpkin carving contests. If you need a good recommendation, the Lakes Park Regional Pumpkin Patch is a great one to visit!

Take Family Pictures

Fall is the perfect time to update your family pictures. Pick out fun, coordinating fall-themed outfits, set a time, and snap some photos. You don’t even have to book with a professional photographer if you don’t want to. Most smartphones these days take pretty amazing photos, so you can even do it yourself. The point is to set a time and make it happen. Then you’ll also have some great options for your Christmas card!

Plan A Family Costume

The beginning of fall also means that Halloween is right around the corner. Try something different this year and come up with a family costume. Everyone can brainstorm together to decide on the theme and characters. There are so many great ideas out there, and it’s a guaranteed way to get everyone involved. It should also make for great pictures and memorable moments!
Whatever you decide to do as a family this fall, we hope that it’s a special time for your family. At the Connection Point Early Learning Center, we know that family is so important. That’s why we want to help families connect and share memorable moments. And fall is just a great excuse to make that happen!

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