The Connection Point Difference: Developing World Changers

At Connection Point Early Learning Center, we are motivated by our mission of creating relevant experiences that equip children and families to achieve their full potential socially, spiritually, and educationally. We understand that, as a preschool, parents rely on our staff to create a clean and nurturing environment that prioritizes safety and encourages healthy early development. From our comprehensive curriculum to our strong sense of community, we invite you to see the Connection Point difference that sets us apart from other SWFL and Fort Myers preschools.

Fostering a Better Environment for Learning

Created for ages 1 to 5, our curriculum focuses on child-centered learning, values individual differences, and offers a strong daily routine that builds social and emotional development. Our school uses lesson plans based on Frog Street Pre-K, a comprehensive program that integrates instruction across developmental domains and early learning disciplines in both English or Spanish. We believe in going beyond educational basics using proactive, developmentally-appropriate teaching styles that help to develop bright, well-rounded children.

Our curriculum nurtures children’s own curiosity, explores their wonder and new horizons, helps them to embrace the joy of learning. Working with Frog Street, we can develop a better early education for your child. Our program allows for language-rich environments; trust building opportunities; development of early critical thinking skills; learning balance, coordination, and control; and, finally, forming good habits like persistence in seeking knowledge. Coupled with our trained and compassionate staff, our curriculum is a prime example of how Connection Point is Developing World Changers.

Forming Lasting Relationships with God & Our Community

Connection Point believes that the brightest and strongest minds learn best when connecting with their own social and spiritual development. As a Christian preschool, we encourage children to forge healthy and lasting bonds with other and with God. We find strength in the support from our church community and believe that God has wonderful plans for your child. That’s why we offer only the best, with our highly trained staff, clean environment, and cutting-edge curriculum. We can be proud to serve your family and God.

Our school has built our foundation on strong family values and encourages parent-involvement with our curriculum and our spiritual development. We offer early education and connections with Jesus and the Bible, including bible studies for Moms. Our trust-building and faith-based programs nurtures children with strong core values and self-worth. The relationships created at Connection Point aren’t easily broken because students and families can learn and grow together. With greater heights in store for them, Connections Point Early Learning Center is the perfect place to begin your child’s education.

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