Why Going to Preschool is Beneficial to Toddlers

Deciding when it’s time to send your child to school is never easy. The truth is, every child is unique. There’s no perfect formula. As early learning educators, we witness every day how toddlers benefit from attending preschool. So, if you’re trying to decide whether to send your toddler to preschool, consider these benefits. 

Child-Centered Learning

One of the greatest benefits of sending your toddler to preschool is the opportunity for them to learn. At Connection Point Early Learning Center, we use child-centered learning methods. This allows children to learn at a pace that’s right for them. Not to mention, the small teacher-to-student ratios enable children to receive the attention and support they need as they learn. 

Also, children who attend preschool typically have more confidence when they start elementary school because they’ve had the opportunity to learn their letters, colors, numbers, and so much more. That confidence goes a long way for a child. 

Social-Emotional Development

The second significant benefit of toddlers attending preschool is the ability to develop socially and emotionally. Social-emotional learning is the process through which children understand and manage emotions, set and achieve positive goals, feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain positive relationships, and make responsible decisions. 

Preschools provide a safe place for children to learn and grow in these areas. Again, this helps tremendously when the child begins Kindergarten. They already understand how to interact with other kids, manage their emotions, and make good choices. These are things they can learn at home as well, but preschool allows them to sharpen these skills quicker than they might be able to at home. 


It’s normal for toddlers to experience at least some separation anxiety when they begin to separate from their parents. Although this can be difficult to navigate, it’s a normal part of their development. They learn that even though they are sad to leave you, you will always come back for them. They also learn that they can trust other adults, like their teachers. When they learn this as a toddler, the transition to elementary school is much easier. Typically, kids who attended preschool do not experience as much separation anxiety when they begin attending elementary school. They know that it will be okay because they’ve done it before. 


Structure and routine are really helpful for toddlers. Some parents create good structure at home but other parents may have a hard time maintaining a routine for their toddler with everything else that’s on their plate. At Connection Point, our entire focus is the kids and what they are doing when. Their day is structured in such a way that they can both learn and have fun. Instead of spending time on screens, they get to do hands-on activities. 


It may sound funny, but even toddlers can benefit from having friendships. They look forward to coming to preschool and playing with the same group of friends. And oftentimes, kids get to move up to the next class with their friends as well. Even as toddlers they begin learning the dynamics of friendships and important things like being kind, sharing, and being considerate of others. 

These are some of the greatest ways your toddler could benefit from attending preschool. In the end, there is no one more qualified to decide what’s best for your child than you are. Take time to consider all your options. And remember, whatever you decide doesn’t have to be permanent. Sometimes what’s best for our child changes depending on what season of life we are in. And that’s okay. As you consider your decision, we’d love for you to take a tour of Connection Point Early Learning Center. We know we’re not just teaching toddlers; we’re developing world changers. 

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