4 Ways to Celebrate Easter With Your Children

Easter is a fun holiday to celebrate, but it is much more than egg hunting and bunny rabbits. In today’s world, with all of the noise and extras, it can be difficult to remember why we celebrate Easter Sunday. Just like it’s important to keep Christ in Christmas, we must keep Christ in Easter. There is certainly nothing wrong with the Easter bunny and egg hunts. That stuff is part of what makes Easter so much fun! However, it is so important to not allow those things to outshine Jesus, especially in the eyes of your children. Here are 4 ways to honor Christ and celebrate Easter with your children:

1. Easter Crafts

One great way to celebrate Easter with your children is by doing Easter crafts! There are tons of Christ-centered crafts that are not only fun but will help your children to remember Jesus as you celebrate Easter. One of our favorites is The Empty Tomb craft. It’s a hands-on way for them to learn about Jesus rising again on the third day while doing a craft they’ll enjoy!

2. Read the Bible

There’s no better way to remember what Jesus did for us and why we celebrate Easter than reading it straight from God’s word. The story can be found in any of the four Gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. When reading this with your children, be sure to create time and space for them to ask questions! We recommend reading small parts of the story each day leading up to Easter Sunday. This way you’re able to take it slowly and explain each part of the story. Your children will love getting to spend that time with you and it is an awesome way to keep Jesus at the center of your Easter celebrations.

3. Worship Music

Jesus loves it when we celebrate him through worship music! Singing songs with your kids that recognize and honor what Christ did on the cross is another wonderful way to celebrate Easter. Play worship music in the car, around the house, and anywhere else you can. Before you know it, your kids are singing along! There’s truly no sweeter sound than little ones singing praises to Jesus. You can also find great children’s worship music on streaming services such as YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Music. They may even recognize some of the songs from school!

4. Attend Church

Attending church on Easter Sunday is another great way to celebrate with your children! There’s something so special about gathering with others to praise God for the gift he gave us through Jesus. Many churches provide a wonderful kids’ ministry with specialized environments for your children to enjoy! Feel free to check out First Christian Church if you are looking for a place to attend and enjoy a wonderful Easter service.

The Easter bunny, candy, and egg hunts are so much fun. We, by no means, think they’re a bad thing! However, Jesus is the most important reason why we celebrate Easter. It is so important to make sure that you are reminding your children of that. This can be done through crafts, reading God’s Word, singing worship music, and attending church. At Connection Point Early Learning Center, we value keeping Christ at the center of all you and your family do. Visit our website to learn more!