6 Christ-Centered Christmas Activities for Families

Sometimes the idea of “keeping Christ in Christmas” is easier said than done. Though there is nothing wrong with enjoying cookies, Santa Claus, and reindeer, we also want to look for ways to celebrate the reason for the season. Here are six fun, Christ-centered Christmas activities for families.

1. Have a Cookie Exchange Party

What better way to celebrate the holidays than with parties and food? The fun part about having a cookie exchange party is making the cookies, of course. Something as simple as baking cookies can give you an opportunity to talk to your kids about Jesus. As you bake and decorate the cookies, tell your kids about the story of Jesus’ birth. Along with shapes of wreaths and snowmen, add a star to the mix that can represent the star the wise men followed. As you decorate the cookies, you can sing Christmas carols or even say prayers for the people who will receive the cookies. This is one of our favorite Christ-centered activities for families.

2. Enjoy Christmas Lights

Go on a special drive with your kids with the simple purpose of enjoying the neighborhood Christmas lights. There is something innocent about that awe and wonder that the holiday lights and decor bring out in us. We can directly attribute that to how we feel about Christ for our Christmas holiday. That innocence is just like a child. We come before Christ in amazement at His great love for us. You can explain to your kids that Jesus is the light of the world. As you drive, you can also listen to Christmas carols like O Holy Night and Silent Night.

3. Look for Ways to Be Generous

We spend a bulk of our time this season shopping for gifts for our friends and family. It is a season of giving and a perfect opportunity to teach our children about generosity. Consider giving a gift to a needy family or a charity organization. You can even make it an annual tradition. Have your child brainstorm how they can help and what they can give. They can choose to donate some of their best toys to a homeless shelter or an orphanage. You can take them to the grocery store to pick out food items to donate in stockings that they can make. This will allow your children to experience the joy of giving, not just receiving.

4. Go to a Christmas Service

Whether you go to church every Sunday or not, make it a point to get to church as a family for Christmas. Not only is it good quality family time, but it also helps you keep Jesus at the center of your holiday. On your drive home, ask your kids what they learned. You can even go around and share one thing that you are thankful for about Christmas. These simple conversations can have lasting impacts on your children.

5. Tell the Christmas Story

Start a tradition with your kids to read the Christmas story aloud together as a family from the scripture in Luke 2:1-20. Do this on Christmas Eve or on Christmas morning before opening presents. Read it to them like you would a bedtime story. If they are old enough to read, have them join in. You can even have your kids act it out as you read. If you have fun with it, your kids will grow to love this tradition.

6. Save Jesus a Seat

On Christmas morning, our children are very excited about their gifts. Point it all back to Jesus by inviting Him to the celebration. Whether you have a big Christmas breakfast or dinner tradition, set an actual place at the table for Jesus. You can incorporate crafts with your kids to make a crown for our king and a birthday hat that they can leave at the table too. Remind your kids of God’s presence and talk about why we celebrate Christ for Christmas.

These are some of our favorite Christ-centered Christmas activities for families, but feel free to create your own. When you’re intentional, you can turn almost any activity into an experience for your kids. As we enter into the Christmas season, create opportunities to point everything to Jesus. After all, He is our greatest gift and the best story your child will ever hear. Merry Christmas!

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