Prep for a New Year of School

Summertime is ending, and it’s time for school to start again. Getting back into the swing of things can be challenging after nearly two months off. However, preparing yourself and your children for the new school year is essential. At Connection Point Early Learning Center, we are so excited to help you and your family prepare for a new school year! Check out these excellent tips and tricks:

Bedtime and Wake-Up Time

One of the first routines you should reinstate as the summer ends and school begins are bed and wake-up times. It is okay to be more relaxed with these times during the summer, but it can be difficult for children to get used to a new sleep schedule. Implementing a new bedtime and wake-up time a few days before school starts will help you and your kids transition. That way, you can avoid rough nights and mornings as much as possible. It’s not a full-proof method but can significantly help your child adjust to a new morning and bedtime routine.

Review Numbers, Letters, and Reading

Review is another important part of preparing for the new school year. Summer is for children to be able to take a break from academics, but as their break comes to an end, reviewing some basics with them will help them feel prepared as they head back to school. Your child’s age and grade level will determine what they should be reviewing. For all the kids coming back to Connection Point Early Learning Center, we recommend reviewing numbers and letters and reading as much as possible!

School Supplies and Clothes Shopping

In our opinion, one of the best parts of preparing for school is shopping for new supplies and clothes! There’s nothing better than fresh pencils, notebooks, and brand-new school clothes. If you’re comfortable, allow your kids to pick out things that they like. It will make them feel included in the back-to-school preparation process and could potentially calm some of their nerves. Be sure to get a list of supplies and a dress code from your child’s school. A list will help everyone stay on track and get what is needed! Also, keep in mind that the Florida 2022 Sales Tax Holiday is from July 25th through August 7th. The Sales Tax Holiday is a fantastic time to get your school supplies and clothes shopping done!

Create Last Minute Memories

Another great way to prepare for the new school year is to create some last-minute summer memories! We know the busyness of school starting can make for less quality family time which is why we highly encourage you to make as many memories during the summertime as possible. Take a trip to the beach, have a backyard campout, watch your favorite movie together, or do whatever it is that makes you and your family feel like you’re spending quality time with one another. You and your children will start the school year with full hearts knowing that you were able to make those last-minute memories together.

At Connection Point Early Learning Center, we are thrilled to be starting another incredible school year! It brings us so much joy to welcome your children back into our classrooms. We look forward to a successful year of learning and growing together with you and your family, and we hope these tips are helpful as you prepare to bring your little ones back to school. If you would like to learn more about Connection Point, please visit our website. Happy back-to-school season to all of the parents, families, and children out there. We are praying that this year is everyone’s best school year yet!

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