The Importance of Routine For Your Preschooler

Preschool-aged children thrive on routine and structure. Which may sound counterintuitive because they also tend to be full of energy and full of varying emotions. But it’s true! They won’t be able to express it verbally, but preschoolers thrive when their life involves consistent rhythm and routine. 

We are not saying that routine needs to be extremely detailed or planned to the minute. Preschoolers (and their parents) need a good measure of flexibility within their schedule as well. A good balance of structure and flexibility make family life run smoother

Suggestions For Daily Routine

  • Getting ready for the day 
  • Consistent meal times
  • Daily outside time 
  • Getting together with other children on a specific day of the week
  • Independent playtime 
  • Consistent naptime
  • Specific bedtime routine
  • Consistent bedtime and wake time

If you want to start implementing a routine with your preschooler, don’t try to do it all at once. Start small and gradually introduce new things over time. 

It is important to pay attention to your unique child’s needs and their reaction to the structure you introduce. It is ok if something that works for another family doesn’t work for you, and vice versa!

Benefits Of Daily Routines

So much can be said about the benefits of routine. Here are the major benefits:

They create healthy habits. Starting young children on a daily routine teaches them early on that it is important to take care of themselves and manage their energy well. It teaches them independence and boosts self-esteem by encouraging confidence in their capabilities.

They promote skills and responsibility. Daily routines help to establish basic life skills and important disciplines they will carry throughout their lives. It teaches them to take responsibility for caring for themselves, their families, and their homes. It even teaches them to find joy and accomplishment in daily tasks that can often feel mundane and ordinary. 

They encourage feelings of safety and constancy. An established daily routine helps children feel safe by allowing them to have expectations for the ebbs and flows of their daily lives. Routine allows them to experience consistency and a sense of belonging in their home, family, and world. It gives them a safe base to explore from and a strong structure to move within. When their home is organized and predictable, they can better navigate the outside world. 

There are many different ways to incorporate a good daily routine and endless benefits. Start with a few ideas for a daily home routine and go from there! Experience the benefits for your preschooler and you as the parent. 

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