Why Putting Your Child in Christian Daycare Matters

As a parent, you lay the foundation for your child’s faith at an early age. You take them to church, read them bible stories, and teach them how to pray. When it comes time to put them in daycare, choosing a Christian daycare is important for their growing faith. There are fundamental pieces that a Christian daycare uses to nurture the beliefs that you’ve already begun to instill in your child. Knowing that your child is in a place that shares your values will give you peace of mind.

Here are four reasons why putting your child in Christian daycare matters.

1. Foundational Faith

Most Christian parents want their child’s’ faith to develop right from the beginning . The desire is that biblical concepts would form their foundation. When your child starts going to daycare at a young age, what they see and hear while they are there becomes fundamental for them. What they learn and how they learn it will stay with them for the rest of their childhood. As a Christian parent, there’s comfort in knowing that your child’s education is faith-based. It provides the reassurance that the beliefs and values you teach at home, will also be mirrored in their schooling as well.

2. The Bible

A daycare with Christian values uses biblical truth to create their lesson plans. Teaching a child about God’s word is vital. Incorporating it into their daily learning will teach them to approach the world from a biblical perspective. In a Christian based daycare, the curriculum will center around biblical truths which are in infused into every aspect of learning. As a parent, you’ll find so much joy in hearing your child talk about different bible stories they are learning each day, and the lessons they learned from them. This teaches children that the Bible is real and applicable to their lives. They will learn about important stories and concepts that will help to shape their faith for a lifetime.

3. Prayer

Incorporating prayer into your child’s day will teach them that it should always be their first line of defense. Not only will they learn how to pray, but they’ll be taught the power of prayer. They’ll know that they can go to God in prayer for anything and everything. At a Christian daycare, prayer is incorporated into their daily routine. As a parent, knowing your child is in a place where prayer is welcomed brings both comfort and trust in their daycare facility.

4. Beyond Sunday

So often, kids grow up believing that their faith is confined to church on Sundays. What they need to know is that Christianity is a daily walk. It’s a lifestyle. Enrolling them in a Christian daycare is a great way to start to teach them this principle. Throughout the entire day, they’re being taught biblical values and hearing all about God’s word. Biblical concepts are incorporated in all aspects of education so that they are constantly hearing about the love of Jesus. They will grow up knowing that their relationship with God is more that just a once a week kind of thing!

Choosing a daycare for your little one can be difficult. Especially if you’re a Christian family looking for a place that has strong values. A Christian daycare would provide a foundation for your child’s faith, teach them about the Bible, incorporate prayer in all aspects of their day, and show your child that their faith isn’t just for church on Sunday.

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