10 Reasons to Enroll in a Christian Preschool

Location, cost, curriculum, quality – there are plenty of factors to consider when selecting the perfect preschool. For many families, the decision of whether to register their child for a religious preschool is either a no-brainer or a hot button topic. At Connection Point, we believe that children’s spiritual growth should be tended to and valued right alongside social, emotional, and educational development. Here are ten reasons to enroll in a Christian preschool.

1. Children Develop a Solid & Foundational Worldview

The years between the ages of two and five are foundational to your child’s future success. During this important developmental time, children form the basis of their worldview. The way that your child views the world is important for how they contribute to and interact with society as adults. Christian values will affect and foster this early on.

2. You Immerse the Child in God’s Truths of His Love

Immersion has been deemed the best way to become fluent in anything. If Christian values are important in your household, then you want your child to exude those same beliefs everywhere. They already receive this at home and at church, so why not at school too? Promote full immersion for God fluency habits!

3. Children Learn Valuable Lessons from a Biblical Perspective

More than just academics, we also want our children to learn how to be compassionate and well-rounded human beings. This is why behavior is taught on life and learning but with God at the middle of it. Preschool can start this process sooner and, at a Christian preschool, it’s all taught from a biblical perspective.

4. The Curriculum Encourages Spiritual Disciplines & Habits

There are certain habits that we have as Christians to help build and strengthen our faith. Disciplines like praying, reading the bible, scripture memorization, and worship can be modeled and habituated early on. This gets further reinforced when outside the home as teachers educate children about it while modeling it as well.

5. It Prepares Children for a Lifetime of Spiritual Growth & Understanding

At such a young age, children often do things out of routine and habit. They don’t fully understand or comprehend why certain Christian values or disciplines are done. However, you don’t have to wait until they can understand. Starting young sets the stage for them for when they reach an age where they can begin to reflect on and understand the different aspects of faith.

6. Christian Values Teach Leadership Values

Christian values stem from the way that Jesus lived and Jesus is deemed as one of the greatest leaders of all time. A person will have a more positive impact when they know how to lead well. Along with the servant mentality that Christians value, learning Christian values will make your child a foundational leader at heart.

7. It Positions More Christian Role Models in Their Lives

Teachers are looked at as role models for many of their students. It goes without saying that the type of people we want our children to look up to would be someone who models authentic and loving Christian values. A Christian preschool puts this type of leader in your children’s lives to grow to respect and emulate.

8. You Can Raise Your Home in the Way of the Lord

It is biblical for families to bring up their children by training and instructing them in the ways of God. Having those biblical principles in the school extends the values beyond the home. This reinforcement helps with being obedient to that responsibility.

9. Students Are Better Equipped to Handle Secular Ideas

Children who have been grounded in the truth of God’s word day after day during their formative years have the tools to apply this as they grow up. With a solid biblical foundation, they are far less likely to be influenced by secular culture as they encounter them in life.

10. You Can Connect with Other Christian Families

We are called as Christians to function in the body of Christ and not alone. When we plug ourselves into a community like a preschool, we set ourselves up to connect with other people with our similar beliefs and goals for our children. This builds a strong support system and lets God do more work in the hearts of Christian families as well as evangelize to non-Christian families with children in that school. This is what changes the world!

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