8 Simple and Cute Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is just around the corner! It can be difficult to narrow down the costume options for your little ones. Stores are full of all sorts of different costumes and your kids may find themselves having a hard time deciding what they want to be. Not to mention, many costume options can be fairly pricey. We’ve come up with a list of simple and cute Halloween costume ideas that your kids will love and won’t break the bank. Check them out!


  1. Crayons

Dressing up as crayons could be a super fun and simple idea! All your child would have to do is dress in the same colored pants and top. You could get creative and use construction paper to create pointy crayon tops, as well. 


  1. Mario and Luigi

Mario and Luigi are a popular costumer since the Mario Movie made its debut. While they do sell these costumes pretty much anywhere you can buy Halloween costumes, it could also be an easy costume to put together with what you have at home. Red and green shirts and blue overalls would do the trick perfectly!


  1. The Little Mermaid

Another popular Halloween idea for this year is definitely The Little Mermaid! Since the live action movie has premiered, these costumes have popped up in stores everywhere. You can buy one or get creative at home with glitter and sequins to make the perfect mermaid get up! It’ll be one your daughter never forgets.


  1. Minions

Minions costumes are a great idea for the whole family! Yellow shirts, blue overalls, and some construction paper to create their head pieces is really all you need. Your family could even watch the Minions movie to try and learn their silly language. It would be so fun to spend the entire evening dressed up and talking like them.


  1. DIY Strawberry

One of the sweetest Halloween costume ideas is a DIY strawberry. It can be super simple to make and also super cute! You just have to have a red shirt, white construction paper, scissors, and something to stick the white to the shirt with. Tape or glue would do just fine.


  1. Superhero

There’s nothing better than a classic superhero costume. Your little one could pick a popular  one out from the store or they could create their very own superhero with things from around the house. It would be so fun for them to get creative and come up with their very own superhero character!


  1. Teacher

A teacher is a great costume idea for Halloween this year! Your child could even draw inspiration from their favorite teacher at school. For an extra accessory to add to the costume, they could carry around an apple or a pencil in their ear!


  1. Cat or Dog

Last but not least on this list of Halloween costume ideas is a tried and true. Your child could dress as a cat or a dog! While this may seem super simple, it’s super easy to make and is especially practical for those scrambling for a last minute costume. Dress your little one in black or brown and create some cat or dog ears with a headband, glue, and construction paper.


We hope this list of Halloween costume ideas was helpful for you and your family! At Conneciton Point Early Learning Center, we love being able to partner with parents and families on all sorts of things. To learn more about our school, please visit our website today!