Preparing Your Children to Go Back to School

It’s hard to believe that we have just one more month left of summer break! The new year is just around the corner. Many parents like getting their children prepared to return to school a bit before the year starts. Doing this allows kids to adjust a little bit easier to their new school time routine. Routines in the summertime can be much more relaxed, as they should be. But allowing your children to adjust to their new schedules will make for a much smoother transition. Check out these 5 tips for preparing your children to go back to school:

1. Earlier Bedtime

First thing first when preparing your kids for starting school. It is important to set an earlier bedtime a few weeks before the year starts. This will greatly help your child to adjust to a new sleep schedule as they begin a new year. Sleep is also imperative for children. Especially children that are spending long days at school. A good night’s rest will help them to concentrate during their day and boost their immune systems to help them stay healthy throughout the year.

2. Earlier Wake Up

Along with an earlier bedtime, it is important to also start waking your children up earlier a few weeks before school starts. This will likely come naturally with an earlier bedtime but the first few days may require a little bit of encouragement. Adjusting to having to wake up earlier when they’ve been used to sleeping in and having lazy mornings can be difficult at first. But starting this routine for them a few weeks before it’s time for school to start will make for a much smoother transition.

3. Supply Shopping

Another way to help your kids prepare for a new year is to take them school supply shopping. For many kids, this is a highlight for preparing for the school year to start. Many children love picking out the supplies that they will get to use for the new year. One of the best times to do this is during No Tax Weekend! That way you can grab all of the supplies your children need and save a little extra money in the process.

4. Clothes Shopping

Clothes shopping can be another super fun part of preparing for the new school year to start! This process tends to be a little bit more straightforward when your child’s school calls for uniforms. Either way, this is also another great time to take advantage of No Tax Weekend. You can get your children their new clothes while getting great deals and saving on sales tax.

5. Practice Tying Shoes

This tip is for the younger kids but an important one as you’re preparing them to go to school! Teaching them to tie their shoes and practicing with them is a great way to help them prepare for the year. It is a skill that will help them to thrive at home and in the classroom. If they know how to tie their own shoes, getting ready in the morning will be easier for everyone. Also, if their shoes come untied at school, it is simpler if they can tie them themselves versus having to ask for help. While any teacher would be happy to assist, there is a lot going on in a classroom and they may not be able to get to it right away. If your child can tie their shoes themselves, it will keep them safe and free of accidentally tripping.

At Connection Point Early Learning Center, we are so excited about the new school year! We hope that these tips help you and your children to prepare as they head to school. For more tips and tricks and to learn more about Connection Point, visit our website today.